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New High-Force, High-Acceleration Ironless Linear Motor

New High-Force, High-Acceleration Ironless Linear Motor.

Parker Hannifin Corporation has released the ML50 series of ironless linear motors. With a cross section of 50mm x 155mm, the ML50 is the largest ironless motor ever offered by Parker-Trilogy and is the first in a new family of motor products that will be released over the coming year.

The ML50 motor is optimized to provide high forces with minimum moving mass, specifically for applications requiring very high continuous accelerations of relatively light payloads such as die sorting, high-speed pick and place, injection mold loading/unloading, and textile weaving. Peak forces from 847 to 3811N (190 to 857 lbs) and continuous forces from 189 to 852N (43 to
192lbs) are available from coils weighing 0.7 to 3.3kg (1.6 to 7.2 lbs).

Unique features such as a connector module incorporating commutation sensors and home and over-travel limit sensors to provide maximum value and design flexibility, modular magnets tracks for unlimited travel lengths, and plastic spacers between the magnets to provide a flush surface serve to distinguish the ML50 from the competition. All future ML series motors also will incorporate these innovations.

Parker Hannifin Corporation
Actuator Division.
Ph: 330-336-3511

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