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Custom Structural Framing Solutions.

Custom Structural Framing Solutions

Parker Hannifin's IPS Business Unit's structural aluminum framing system provides a versatile platform for tailored solutions to a variety application problems facing today's technology manufacturers.

With more than 120 aluminum profiles and thousands of accessories, Parker IPS product solutions -- which range from ergonomic workstations and enclosures to complex machine integration -- can be custom fabricated at a fraction of the time and expense of traditional methods.And, as part of Parker Hannifin's Automation Group, this building system offers seamless integration with Parker's leading motion and control technologies.

Solutions from Parker IPS save time, space, and money while creating an environment that addresses ergonomics, safety, and functionality issues.IPS delivers quality products, provided on time, on budget, and built to unleash laboratories innovative capacities.

Parker IPS construction methods enable rapid prototyping, concurrent engineering, and reduced manufacturing times. From concept to finished product, customers can have a custom solution accomplished in a fraction of the time it takes using such competitive methods as steel framing or configuration of "modular‿ components.

Every Parker IPS design is engineered to meet exact dimensional and functional requirements. This means the finished product saves space and can be tightly integrated with its surroundings. Unlike prefabricated modular designs, IPS never forces customers to choose between valuable work space and functionality.

Parker IPS construction methods save money.Standard components and efficient, durable connection methods mean assemblies require no welding, painting, or finishing reducing upfront costs.Because the system is modular at the component level, future changes to design can be accomplished without extensive rework and typically require only simple hand tools. This reduces life cycle costs as a customer's needs change.

Additionally, with six North American manufacturing locations, Parker IPS provides a solid network of product inventory, application engineering, and customer support.

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