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Custom Micro Rubber And QMR Plastics Molding Of Medical Components

Custom Micro Rubber And QMR Plastics Molding Of Medical Components.

Medical product designers can improve product performance with miniaturized molded components from Minnesota Rubber and QMR Plastics.

Miniaturization of components in a broad range of polymers gives the medical designer greater flexibility in designing devices such as fluid delivery systems, diagnostic equipment and endoscopic devices for minimally invasive cardiovascular and orthopedic procedures. To meet these needs, Minnesota Rubber QMR Plastics provides custom molded components as small as one millimeter in diameter and weighing under .01 gram.

Minnesota Rubber QMR Plastics molds these miniature components in a full range of advanced polymers including custom blends of PEEK, polycarbonate, polysulphone, Nylon, polyethylene and polypropylene designed specifically to meet the needs of the medical device industry. Performance benefits of these polymers include sterilizability, chemical compatibility, biocompatibility, toughness, durability and hydrolytic stability at elevated temperatures.

QMR Plastics is an ISO 13485:2003 certified supplier with complete molding and assembly facilities to serve the medical industry. These capabilities include both plastic and silicone products molded in class 100,000 clean rooms. The company provides comprehensive services in both engineering design and advanced materials development required for the best product possible. Assembly and packaging services complement high volume molded parts capabilities providing customers with critical quality and delivery requirements.

Minnesota Rubber
QMR Plastics Medical Group
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Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441

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