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New Flexible DeviceNet Network Increased Information Flow between Drives, PLCs, PCs,

New Flexible DeviceNet Network Increased Information Flow between Drives, PLCs, PCs,

Parker's Electromechanical Automation Division, a leading supplier of motion control technology, announces that its Compax3 family of industrial high-performance, all-digital servo drives now comes with a DeviceNetT fieldbus option.

The DeviceNet fieldbus interface is a cost-effective network solution that will give Compax3 users improved system integration, reduced downtime and maintenance costs, enhanced peer-to-peer capabilities, and easy access to data. Another benefit of the flexible DeviceNet network is the increased information flow between drives, PLCs, PCs, and other automation devices, including sensors, operator interfaces, switches, and pneumatic valve manifolds.

This new Compax3 option is available on the T11, T30 and T40 technology levels. DeviceNet allows the Compax3 to be integrated into an Allen-Bradley PLC control system very easily - or with any other DeviceNet master. This communications interface rounds out the existing CANopen® and Profibus® fieldbus options available with Parker's Compax3 family.

All Compax3 drives ship with the feature-packed Compax3 ServoManagerT software package for commissioning the drive. The ServoManager program provides easy and intuitive diagnostic screens, graphical tuning utilities, an OS download tool, HTML Help tools, an S-curve acceleration calculator, and a motor configuration wizard to be used with non-Parker motors. The ServoManager package is provided free of charge and may be downloaded from the Parker Electromechanical Automation Web site, Also available at is a complete video training tutorial for ServoManager titled "Compax3 Video Training Series." This video series walks the user through the entire process of commissioning the Compax3. There is a series for the drive-only (I10T10) units, a series for the indexers (I11T11), and a series for the advanced indexers (I12T11). A single series can be completed in as little as 20 minutes.

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