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Parker Introduces its HD Linear Series Positioners

Parker Introduces its HD Linear Series Positioners

Designed for industrial applications needing a robust positioning solution, Parker Hannifin's new HD Series linear positioners are easy to apply, install, and maintain.The deep-channel extruded body and solid carriage provide exceptional beam strength and carriage stiffness, which is ideal for cantilevered or other unsupported installations. The linear bearings and ballscrews are self-lubricating precision components designed for long life at 100% duty operation with no maintenance. The HD Series also includes IP30-rated belt seals that protect the interior components from debris in factory environments.

The HD Series is very easy to apply. As part of the configurable part number, users can select options such as screw lead, home and limit sensors, a failsafe brake, and motor orientation. With motors as part of the standard table, system level performance is provided in the form of graphs to enable quick application without the need for a complex motor sizing exercise.

These new positioners consist of three table sizes: 85-mm, 125-mm and 185-mm widths, plus an idler rail.The HD Series includes pre-sized servo and stepper motors, which make motor sizing as simple as looking at a performance graph, plus online 3D models make integration into a machine design quick and efficient.

Key product features include the following:

·Three cross-sectional sizes plus an idler rail for gantry systems.
·Long travels in all sizes (up to 1200mm in an 85-mm wide cross section).
·Four ballscrew lead options (5mm, 10mm, 20mm, 40mm).
·Maintenance-free linear bearings and ballscrews (self lubricating).
·Significant carriage stiffness and body beam strength.
·IP30-rated belt seal system.
·Pre-selected motors with performance graphs for quick application.

More Information:

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