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New Kneeling Module Split System for Buses, Coaches and Other Vehicless

New Kneeling Module Split System for Buses, Coaches and Other Vehicless

Developed in cooperation with different bus and motor coach builders, the new Parker Kneeling Module Split System/High Boy can be used for easy entrance on all types of buses, motor coaches and other vehicles requiring a kneel function.

The easy-to-install lightweight manifold has a machined-aluminum anodized body for durability and is designed for different integrated kneeling functions. Specific types of kneeling can be obtained within this single unit, including split-level kneeling, kneeling left, kneeling right, complete kneeling, and high-boy function for raising the bus or motor coach to an upper position. The necessary kneeling requirements may be achieved by simply inflating or deflating the airbags.

The Kneeling Module comes standard with heavy-duty, 22- mm grommet-style mobile solenoids for electrical actuation of the four integrated valves. The solid housing with these valves, combined with Parker solenoids and exhaust protectors, deliver a reliable kneeling system for large passenger vehicle applications. The system also features specially designed sealing that allows it to be used in extreme temperature environments.

For more information Visit the Parker Hannifin company website or search the internet for "Parker Kneeling Module"

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