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New Spool Valve Solenoid Version

Parker Hannifin's new global mobile product line, the Viking Xtreme Valve improves upon and expands the offering of Parker's existing Viking valve.

The new Viking Xtreme valve will continue to use the existing molded spool technology from the current P2LA valve and incorporate it into the new P2LB, P2LC & P2LD valves. This spool technology has proven to be reliable in the harshest environmental conditions that many mobile applications experience.
Another feature remaining the same in the new design is the current bolt-hole patterns, which will allow for easy interchangeability from the current valve to the new version.

In addition to offering the current 15mm 3-pin TE solenoid, the new series will also include heavy-duty 22-mm & 30-mm solenoids. With the addition of these operators as part of the Xtreme family offering, Parker will be better able to meet the needs of its customers.Variations in this new heavy-duty operator will allow the new Viking Xtreme to be rated as high as 250psi (16 bar) versus the current 150psi (10 bar) max, as well as, allowing a temperature rating of -40F (-40C).ATEX duty rated valves are also available.

The new Viking Xtreme will also be slightly smaller than its current counterpart, but with higher flow. The new version will also include the P2LC 3/8 ported valve, which is missing from the current offering.

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