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New Dual Sided Bender, Piezo Ceramic Audio Transducer

New Dual Sided Bender, Piezo Ceramic Audio Transducer.

Transducers USA, has announced the release of their new dual sided bender, piezo ceramic audio transducer. Their unique patented* ceramic process deposits crystals on both sides of the metal bender allowing the unit to be used with higher voltage drives, thereby producing higher dba sound output.

The new Transducers USA Series TRPB allows for drive voltages in excess of 60VDC @40Ma max., producing an output of over 100dBA at a frequency of 2500"b500Hz. The TRPB series units are in integral part of the Series TRTP package, housed in a black thermoplastic with a diameter of 45mm X 13.5mm deep. Mounting is via PC pins.

Units of the size and specifications cited above are presently quoted at $.70 each in 1000 lots with sample quantities available from stock at Transducers USA¡¦s main office and warehouse. Larger amounts are available on a 4-6 week ARO delivery. Custom designed units can be furnished with or without feedback and with special terminations and package configurations.

Requests for samples, as well as for detailed specifications and specific quantity/price quotations should be addressed to:
Transducers USA
1400 Howard Street, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007.
Tel. 1-(888) 921-6400 Fax: (847) 956-1950.

Transducers, USA markets an extensive line of piezo buzzers, ceramic elements, speakers, receivers, microphones and ultrasonic sensors and emitters to the telecommunications, medical and specialized product industrial markets throughout North America. Most of their products are certified under ISO-9002 with many having ISO-9001 and/or QS-9000, and are manufactured in modern facilities in Taiwan, China and Korea.

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