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New Phase Holographic Grating (VPHG)

Wasatch Photonics, Inc. a leader in the design and manufacture of volume phase holographic (VPHGs) diffraction gratings, introduces the patented DicksonŽ 1450 l/mm volume phase grating for laser pulse-compression and other applications. These gratings exhibit a high diffraction efficiency greater than 90% at the center wavelength of 1030 nm.

These DicksonŽ gratings are exposed holographically, using well-collimated laser light in dichromated gelatin resulting in low scatter, high diffraction efficiency, high dispersion, and low wavefront distortion. Because they are protected between two pieces of glass, they can be cleaned using the same methods used to clean AR coated lenses and prisms.

The DicksonŽ 1450 l/mm grating has been added to Wasatch's stock product-line. The stock gratings are available in 25mm x 25mm x 6mm, which are produced on fused silica substrates. In addition, these gratings have a wavefront quality of 1/10 wave rms at 633 nm transmitted over the clear aperture. The DicksonŽ 1450 l/mm gratings are also available in a wide range of custom sizes

Wasatch Photonics, Inc., designs, manufactures, and markets enhanced holographic optics for optical networking, defense, test & measurement, astronomy, and medical applications. Wasatch Photonics' high performance volume phase holographic platforms enable a diverse range of cost effective, next generation devices. The company uses proprietary recording media and trade secrets along with patented DicksonŽ grating technologies.

Wasatch Photonics, Inc.
1305 North 1000 West
Suite 120
Logan, Utah 84321
Tel: (435) 752-4301

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