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Aluminum Modular Profiles Provide Strong Adaptable Structure for Safety

Aluminum Modular Profiles Provide Strong Adaptable Structure for Safety.

CHICAGO - Exxpress Solutions Guarding Systems from Parker Hannifin's Actuator Division provide customized perimeter guarding capabilities with the simplicity of standardized modular frames. Compatible with Parker's full line of Industrial Profile System (IPS) components, this Express Solution delivers unmatched flexibility, modular design, fully assembled panels, simple installation, and low maintenance - the benefits of custom fabricated solutions without the cost or lead time.

The versatility of Parker IPS aluminum profiles provides a strong, adaptable platform ideally suited for guarding applications. The T-Slot design enables simple attachment of accessories or fixtures to integrate additional functionality, including mechanical or electrical interlocks, doors, access control, light curtains and more.

To ensure a perfect installation, Parker IPS features the Field Fit program.
Field Fit allows users to select a portion of the frames for the guarding system, per the application's requirements, as a custom dimension option.
Once exact field measurements are determined, these selected items will be custom fabricated and shipped ready to complete the installation within a few business days - providing a solution that bridges the gap between modular simplicity and custom solutions.

Three standard frame configurations provide a flexible platform from which to design a comprehensive guarding system with unlimited layout possibilities.
All frames are engineered for optimal dimensional strength. Each standard includes connector plates and hardware. Standard inch and metric dimensions simplify application design. A variety of standard dimensions ranging from 6 inches (300mm) to 96 inches (2400mm) height by 6 inches (150mm) to 96 inches (2400mm) width.

All frames are labeled by part number for reference and easy assembly.
Pre-tapped vertical supports allow simple bolt-together construction.
Standard panel materials include coated wire mesh, polycarbonates and opaque solid resins. Mixing materials provides a high degree of design flexibility and enhances the ergonomic and aesthetic aspects of the system. Express Solutions Guarding Systems are also an effective component of a company's overall Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) program.

Parker Hannifin Corporation
Actuator Division
Phone 800-333-4932
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