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Environmentally Optimized Conductive Resin for Powder Coating Process

GE Plastics is offering the first new family of conductive Noryl GTX* resins that are optimized for powder coating. These materials contain conductive fillers that eliminate the need to apply an electrostatic primer. These materials were designed for powder coating operations, and may be used to replace metal substrates, offering an increased design flexibility.

The Noryl resin grades make it possible to powder-coat metal and plastic assemblies or parts on the same production system ensuring uniform aesthetics.

GE's conductive Noryl GTX resin has two critical property characteristics required for successful powder coating: conductivity and high heat performance. The material is a blend of polyamide (PA) with modified polyphenylene ether (MPPE), is reinforced with conductive filler packages to ensure electrostatic adhesion of the powder coating.

This high performance material that can withstand the curing temperatures of current powder coating processes.

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GE Plastics, Bergen op Zoom,
The Netherlands
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