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First Breathable Roofing Barrier To Boost Homes' Energy Efficiency

As a leader in delivering energy-efficient products to the marketplace, DuPont has launched DuPontT TyvekŪ AtticWrapT. This is the first breathable roofing membrane designed to seal a home's building envelope. Tgis technology uses a specifically designed membrane material within a home's attic to create an airtight space that prevents air and water intrusion and helps conserve energy.

The TyvekŪ AtticWrapT material is an excellent choice for a roofing membrane to help create a drier, healthier living space by helping to protect attic areas that are prone to drafts, mold and mildew. This is an easy to install product that completely seals a house's attic space and helping to lower total energy costs while providing a safer living environment.

For more information about DuPontT TyvekŪ AtticWrapT .

Dupont Construction Products Division or search the internet for "DuPontT TyvekŪ"

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