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Injection Molded Advanced Polymer Available for Medical Products

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Now medical product designers can achieve improved molded component performance along with customized color design.

Minnesota Rubber and QMR Plastics further expands its medical molding capabilities by providing a full range of advanced polymers designed specifically to meet the needs of the medical device industry. Performance benefits of these advanced polymers -- available in an unlimited spectrum of colors -- include sterilizability, chemical compatibility, biocompatibility, toughness, durability and hydrolytic stability at elevated temperatures

Many different advanced polymers in multiple blends are available. The polyethersulfone grades, for example, are biocompatible and comply with USP Class VI. This advanced polymer resists chemicals and bodily fluids including enzymatic soaking agents, high level disinfectants, blood reagents and anesthetics. The polymer retains 85 to 100 percent hydrolytic stability after long term exposure (2 years continuous).

The benefits of color customization are that it allows the medical designer to distinguish a product brand and differentiate product lines and/or components within product lines. Both transparent and opaque molded colors are available to allow broad color customization freedom. Vibrant effects using transparent color combinations add even more ways to customize the desired look.

A partial list of applications include surgical trays, cases, trays, lids, containers, check valves, stop cocks and syringes.

QMR Plastics is an ISO 13485:2003 certified supplier with complete molding and assembly facilities to serve the medical industry.

These capabilities include both plastic and silicone products molded in class 100,000 clean rooms. The company provides comprehensive services in both engineering design and advanced materials development required for the best product possible. Assembly and packaging services complement high volume molded parts capabilities providing customers with critical quality and delivery requirements.

Minnesota Rubber QMR Plastics Medical Group
1100 Xenium Lane North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441
Phone: 952-927-1400.

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