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Liquid Injection Molding (LIMFASTT) Print To Part In 10 Days

Shakopee, Minnesota: LIMFASTT Liquid Injection Molding is a new service offered by Rubber Industries, Inc. for molding custom liquid silicone rubber components and bonded Silicone to metal or plastic components, delivered in prototype quantities within 10 working days.

Ideal for appliance, automotive, fluid power and mechanical system designers with fast track R&D programs, Rubber Industries' exclusive LIMFAST service quickly provides prototype quantities. This unique service allows the design engineer to evaluate liquid silicone formulation options for specific color and performance requirements. It also allows the design engineer to evaluate a product design utilizing production grade tooling and dedicated molding equipment.

Rubber Industries' LIMFAST molding provides a fast cure and cycle time making it ideal for custom seals, insulators, diffusers, valves, gaskets, bellows and components, to name just a few applications. The liquid silicone rubber material has low compression set and resists damaging effects of light, ozone and moisture as well as heat for extended wear life. Rubber Industries offers many liquid silicone rubber grades including UL, oil resistant and high strength.

Virtually any component configuration in any quantity can be LIMFAST molded utilizing Rubber Industries' large array of automated presses in a full range of tonnage sizes. Rubber Industries provides cost-effective and dedicated, environmentally controlled molding facilities that meet cleanliness requirements without more costly Class 1000 certification.

Included in its LIMFAST one-stop molding capabilities, Rubber Industries provides complete material formulation, mold design and manufacture, silicone bonding to metal or plastic, complete in-house cryogenic de-flashing capabilities, component assembly and packaging.

Component designers should note Rubber Industries' mold design system. This system utilizes a cost saving series of modular mold components whereby customers need purchase only their part's mold cavity, not the entire mold assembly.

Rubber Industries also provides engineering assistance for LIMFAST component design and development. An ISO 9001:2000 certified supplier, Rubber Industries has a 37-year successful track record in the custom rubber molding business serving leading OEM manufacturers throughout the United States.

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