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Safety Film From 3M Helps Glass Windows Resist Impact and High Wind Load

Date: 09/20/2006, 10:39:42

3M(TM) Ultra Safety and Security Window Film helps hold glass in place during destructive impact and high wind conditions. This film is strong, tear resistant and clear allowing viewing through the window. The film utilizes adhesive materials that are applied to the window to keep the glass from scattering in the event that the glass fails due to impact or excessive wind loading. This film prevents broken glass from distributing throughout the structure. 

3M Ultra Safety and Security films are flexible and tough. The film will resist tearing under significant compression and tension loading, the polymer film material stretches under loading conditions and the adhesive keeps the glass from separating during a failure event.

For more information, and assistance in locating a 3M window film dealer call 1-866-499-8857. 

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