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StacoSwitch has unveiled their latest Data Entry Product (DEP) enclosed QWERTY keyboard - the M777. With 88 keys and optional integrated mouse pointer, it meets the requirements of users who need optimum product performance under severe environmental conditions in a small package.

The M777 rugged duty keyboard is specifically designed for applications where clean environments must be maintained. The keyboard features a wipeable surface and watertight sealing, allowing for easy cleaning of dust, dirt, chemicals and other debris while minimizing places for impurities to accumulate.

With its firm tactile feel, it is ideal for use throughout medical and emergency markets, such as EMT, Fire, Police, Military, and other challenging environments. "By leveraging a modular design, we have been able to produce a military level keyboard priced to fit First Responder and Law Enforcement departmental budgets," said Vice President of Marketing Kevin Judd. "When we started this program we were conscientious of tight governmental budgets and made cost control a designed-in feature of the program."

This small footprint keyboard will perform all typical desktop PC keyboard functions. The units also include an "Emergency" key (outputs a Shift-F1 to the host computer) in a protected area that helps prevent accidental activation.

The M777 comes in PS/2 or USB, with optional adjustable backlighting. The unit is sealed, capable of resisting dust and water to a NEMA 4 rating. Custom legends are available as well. This high value keyboard is priced 20 -30% less than competitive units. Product literature is available from StacoSwitch, Inc., 1139 Baker Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Phone (714) 549-3041.

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