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New, Vandal-Resistant Stainless Steel Keyboards

Kiosks must be designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and user abuse common in uncontrollable public environments. Intentional and unintentional misuse of kiosk keyboards and touchpads can cause owners a considerable amount of unforeseen expenses. StacoSwitch is trying to change that with its new stainless steel data entry products featuring a solid, metal construction designed to reduce the high costs of vandalism and weather damage.

Built from stainless steel and zinc alloy, the input devices have a high resistance to vandalism. They feature anti-pull-off keys intended to prevent vandals from pulling off or breaking the keys. The high-tech keys can be laser engraved for high definition and wear-resistant markings. The laser engraving prevents the normal deterioration of the key labels thus increasing the lifetime of the keyboard and decreasing owner costs.

The keyboards and keypads are also sealed against liquid and dirt penetration using a unique one-piece membrane that extends to the edges of the device. Rain, snow, wind, spills, moisture, and extreme temperatures will not impede kiosk operation. The distinct waterproof design makes them easy to wash down and remove dust, dirt, chemicals, and other foreign matter.

These new stainless steel products complement StacoSwitch's current wide-range of industrial keyboards, keypads, and kiosk hardware components. Combined with their tactile feedback touchscreen, these stainless steel products are rapidly growing StacoSwitch into a one-stop kiosk shopping solution. "As we move further into the kiosk industry, we feel that stainless steel data entry products are a logical extension of our already rugged keyboard and keypad lines" said Kevin Judd, Vice-President of Marketing. "This is a dynamic addition to our product lines and fills the last gap in our extensive kiosk offerings."

The keyboards come standard in the layout of ten different languages and 65 keys with optional stainless steel trackball or touchpad. A custom-specific layout is available on request for other applications like industrial control panels and ticket issuing machines. PS/2 and USB versions are available. The stainless steel trackball and touchpad can also be purchased as separate units.

About StacoSwitch:
Based in Southern California, StacoSwitch has been a leading provider of Lighted Pushbutton Display Switches and Indicators, Rugged Keyboards and Keypads, and Lighting and Switching Electronic Controllers worldwide for over 45 years. Additionally, StacoSwitch offers LED Products, Digital Pulse Dimmers, and Tactile Feedback Touchscreen Solutions. StacoSwitch serves a variety of markets including U.S. military, law enforcement, industrial, medical, and first responder industries. These markets require products able to withstand extreme environments and repetitive wear conditions. StacoSwitch is a leader with field-proven experience in these demanding, rapidly-growing global markets. For specific inquiries or any additional questions about StacoSwitch products, please contact us: Ph 714.549.3041, Fax 714.549.0930

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