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MPC5566 Microcontroller Built on Power Architecture(TM) Technology Integrates 3MB of Flash Memory for Sophisticated Powertrain Applications

Freescale Semiconductor is offering a new microcontroller (MCU) technology to help drive next generation innovation in powertrain designs and other electronic control applications. Freescales flagship MPC55xx automotive controller family is built on Power Architecture(TM) technology will now include the MPC5566 -- the first 32-bit MCU to integrate 3MB of flash memory.

The MPC5566 microcontroller has the largest embedded flash memory on a MCU available in industry. The MC5566 adrtesses the need for more embedded memory in automotive applications. The MPC5566 will enable designers to develope more advanced engine control systems which will increase fuel efficiency and improve exhaust emissions.

The on-chip flash arrays provide application designers a high-performance solution to support more sophisticated, memory-intensive engine control functionality.

The MPC Semiconductor FAmilt Features the following:

- e200 core based on Power Architecture technology
- Variable length encoding (VLE) capability designed to help reduce code footprint by up to 30 percent for improved code density and reduced memory requirements
- Up to 32k cache depending on specific device
- Single-instruction/multiple data (SIMD) module for digital signal processor (DSP) and floating point operations, enhancing autocoding and functional integration of features such as knock detection
- Up to 3MB of embedded flash memory with Error Correction Coding (ECC) and Read-While-Write (RWW) capability
- Up to 128 KB on-chip static RAM (SRAM) with ECC
- Up to 88 timed I/O channels for complex timer functions, such as spark ignition and crank angle measurement (up to two eTPUs and one eMIOS)
- Communication interfaces: up to 5x FlexCAN; up to 2x eSCI; up to 4x DSPI
- 40-channel dual ADC with 5-volt conversion range
- FlexRay(TM) controller available on MPC5567
- Ethernet controller available on MPC5553, MPC5566 and MPC5567
- FM-PLL; up to 64-channel DMA controller; up to 401 source interrupt controller; Nexus IEEE-ISTO 5001-2003 Class 3+; 5/3.3V I/O, 5V ADC
- Available in 208MAPBGA, 324PBGA, 416PBGA (specific package implementation varies by device)

For more information, contact:

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

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