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DuPont and Bunge Broaden Soy Collaboration to Include Industrial Applications and Biofuels

AMANA, Iowa, Aug. 29, 2006 "Over the three years of our collaboration, we have seen the interest in biofuel, industrial and feed sectors expand exponentially. We are making strides to bring products to market to meet the growing demand," said Erik Fyrwald, group vice president, DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition.

Carl Hausmann, president and CEO, Bunge North America, said, "This collaboration brings together the expertise and resources of two industry leaders that span the soybean value chain. We are pleased with the success of our low linolenic soybean oil in meeting our food customers' demands for trans fat alternatives. We are excited about the potential of new soy products that will build on this success in the food sector and enable us to better serve feed and industrial customers including the growing soy biodiesel industry."

DuPont has a significant effort to deliver new technologies to the growing biofuels market, which includes improving biofuel production through improved seed and crop protection products; developing new technologies to allow conversion of cellulose to biofuels; and developing next generation biofuels, including biobutanol. In addition to developing corn hybrids for ethanol, DuPont subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., is characterizing Pioneer® brand soybean varieties for oil content to determine impact on biodiesel production.

09/08/2006, 21:27:51

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