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New Eurobex Insulated Electrical Enclosures

New Eurobex insulated electrical enclosures

Eurobex introduces a new line of thermally insulated enclosures. The new 5412 ESTH insulated electrical enclosures are available in 98 sizes, ranging from 12"x12"x6" to 72"x30"x24".

The new 5412 ESTH series is based on the popular 5412 ES series. These NEMA 4/12 enclosures feature poured-in-place gaskets, quarter-turn locks and incorporated drip shields. The thermally insulated enclosures have ¾" aluminum foil faced insulation panels installed on all faces, including the door.

This insulation is rated R5 and is made of rigid polyisocyanurate foam. The insulation panels are held in place by steel brackets and the corners are finished with aluminum foil tape. The 5412 ESTH insulated enclosures can be used in conjunction with Eurobex environment control products in cold environments to conserve heat or in warm environments to keep equipment cool.

Eurobex can also design special insulated enclosures, with custom sizes, holes and colors. Stainless steel and aluminum insulated boxes are available upon request.

Company information

Eurobex Manufacturing Ltd. manufactures a wide range of commercial and industrial electrical enclosures, as well as a full line of metric modular cabinets. Eurobex is based in Blainville, Québec and is certified ISO9001

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