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The Royal Canadian Mint Purchases 2nd HPQ Furnace

The Royal Canadian Mint has purchased a new HPQ furnace from SECO/WARWICK for their die manufacturing facility in Winnipeg, Canada. This is the second HPQ provided by SECOWARWICK, the first unit is installed in Ottawa.

The 15.0VPT-4025/24HV is an advanced cold wall, front-loading high vacuum furnace incorporating high pressure gas quenching. The furnace with diffusion pump for high vacuum operation is of a compact design with an internal re-circulation blower and heat exchanger, requiring minimum floor space.

Durable graphite insulation and heaters provide long, reliable service in this heavy-duty furnace designed for the industrial work place. The pumping system, power supply and cooling systems are generously sized to enable a wide range of industrial heat treatment applications including quench hardening and tempering, degassing, annealing and solution heat treatment. A convection fan provides fast, uniform heating and allows hardening and tempering in an automatically sequenced cycle. The gas system includes a multi-nozzle gas feed arrangement to optimize the uniformity and speed of load cooling during quenching.

Furnace Data
Useful dimensions (W x H x L): 600 x 400 x 600m(24¡¨ x 16¡¨ x 24¡¨)
Load Capacity: 300 kg (660 lb.)
Maximum Design Temperature: 2400¢XF (1320"aC)
Maximum Gas Cooling Pressure: 15 bar abs.

For more information on High Pressure Quench furnaces with Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing, call Janusz Kowalewski, VP Vacuum Systems at +1-814-332-8491

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