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Cooper Power Systems Purchases Transformer Core Annealer for their Jalisco, Mexico Facility

Meadville, Pennsylvania -
Cooper Power Systems has purchased a new transformer core annealing furnace system to process transformer cores at a rate 1,715 pounds per hour.

The automated line, designed, manufactured and installed by SECO/WARWICK, includes a state-of-the art furnace, material handling, and control system to provide the consistent, reliable transformer cores needed to maintain Cooper Power Systems high quality standards.

The furnace line has been designed with a versatile drive system with PC/PLC controls to permit a wide range of soak time to accommodate different size transformer cores.

The automated line will be capable of using both N2 and N2/H2 atmosphere gases with auto flow control based on process O2 set points. Flow and mixture will be automatically adjusted and maintained with the PC/PLC control system provided. The Cycle consists of a Preheat/Burnoff chamber, a heat and hold chamber, a controlled cooling chamber, a water-jacketed fast cool chamber, and an exit purge chamber. After the exit purge the transformer cores are transferred to an air blast cooler for final cool down.

A complete closed loop self-contained water treatment/cooling system is provided to minimize utility requirements (water usage) to maintain optimum water conditions.

Cooper Power Systems is a division of Cooper Industries, Inc.,., a USA-based Fortune 500 company with 2003 revenues of US $4.1 billion. Cooper Power Systems manufactures a wide range of medium and high voltage electrical equipment for the utility and industrial markets including distribution transformers, capacitors, voltage regulators, reclosers, switches, sectionalizers, fuses, hardware, splices, arresters, elbows, distribution automation equipment, power systems analysis software, and specialty transformer fluids. In addition, Cooper Power Systems operates a unified R&D program that coordinates development efforts across all product lines

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