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TriStar Inc. Announces Its Expansion into Mexico Will Accelerate the Growth of Mexican Product Development and Technology

PHOENIX, AZ, July 10, 2006 - TriStar Inc. today announced its expansion into Mexico is an important step towards accelerating the growth of both PTC and the Mexican engineering industry. As PTC's largest reseller in North America, TriStar has the resources and experience needed to make Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 Mexico's main product development software. Meanwhile, Mexico will benefit from access to top-of-the-line technology and support for a competitive edge in the global market.

TriStar has a few key advantages over other suppliers in Mexico, which will significantly expand the Pro/ENGINEER clientele. The main advantage is that TriStar is more than a reseller; it is a comprehensive engineering service company who knows the industry. The quality of support and consulting TriStar offers will ensure that transitions and implementations of Pro/ENGINEER are done right. Also, TriStar is one of the few resellers that are financially backed by PTC. This combination of support and industry experience has rewarded TriStar with a reputation of stability and reliability.

"Our reputation matters to companies here," says Jose Mendez, industrial engineer and TriStar's leading Account Manager in Mexico. "When I tell prospective customers that we are the largest reseller in the US, they actually listen and are excited about what I have to offer. Plus, I want to make Pro/ENGINEER more available. I know it is the best product developing software to date. I learned how to design in AutoCAD and some SolidWorks when I was in school. Now that I know Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 capabilities, I think Mexico could benefit greatly from this technology."

TriStar will concentrate on providing Pro/ENGINEER and other engineering support not just to the larger and/or international companies who have established offices in Mexico's emerging technology hub, but to the local SMB engineering companies and possibly universities as well. "Universities in Mexico graduate over 110,000 new engineers a year. Software development industry now produces $520 million, employs nearly 20,000 people and is growing at 8 percent a year, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers," Site Selection magazine reported. "Mexico is not short of manpower but opportunity," says Patrick Maderia, CEO of TriStar Inc. "By bringing this well-supported technology and service to Mexico, we're actually extending practical, useful, and necessary tools that not only accelerate technological advancements but create jobs as well. There are a lot of engineers there just looking for the opportunity to apply their talent."

Currently only the northern part of Mexico has access to Pro/ENGINEER through local resellers. But even the largest local PTC reseller, Global Co., is having to restructure and could possibly join TriStar's Engineering Solutions consulting division in the near future. The merge would result in stronger application engineering support as TriStar ventures into southern Mexico. "Being a great reseller of Pro/ENGINEER requires more than just getting the product out there. Customers need knowledgeable representatives who can ensure proper software implementation, accessible technical support and training when necessary," says Maderia. "In these early stages, PTC has stationed some local engineering support, but if all goes according to plan TriStar will be able to further enhance the resources necessary for all parties involved to succeed."

TriStar has been serving the engineering design industry since 1988 and is a PTC Platinum Authorized Reseller and Certified Training Partner. Today, TriStar delivers world-class talent and engineering solutions designed to meet the needs of a broad client base.

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