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UV/RTV Dual Cure Silicone Polymer System

Master Bond introduced a versatile, one component, UV/RTV curable silicone compound for bonding, sealing and coating called UV71DC. Master Bond's UV/RTV dual cure systems are formulated to react with both ultraviolet light and atmospheric humidity. These compounds are especially essential for applications with complex product geometries. When exposed to a source of UV light of appropriate wave length and intensity, it cures in seconds to produce optically clear, durable, flexible, non- yellowing and chemically resistant adhesives, sealants or coatings with excellent electrical insulation properties. The moisture cure feature assures that all the material cures successfully on complex parts where exposure to UV light is difficult or impossible to achieve. Alternatively, pure RTV cures can be accomplished within 24 hours at ambient temperatures or faster at elevated temperatures.
Master Bond's UV71DC can be employed over the wide temperature range of -80 to 400F. Desirable properties include outstanding durability, flexibility, thermal shock resistance as well as excellent adhesion to many different substrates, ranging from glass and aluminum to polyester films and polycarbonates. It has been formulated to have a refractive index of 1.41, a volume thermal expansion coefficient of 10cc/cc/C, a tensile strength of 110 psi and a Shore A Hardness of 25.

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