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Two Part Epoxy Features Low Exotherm

Hackensack, NJ. April 30, 2006 - Master Bond Polymer System EP37-3FLSP is a newly developed optically clear, flexible, low viscosity 2 part epoxy system for large volume castings. It features a long working life, low exotherm during cure as well as very low shrinkage and excellent dimensional stability. The EP37-3FLSP has a convenient non-critical mix ratio of 2/1 by weight. The "pot life" after mixing exceeds 10 hours. Volumes as much as 1 gallon and more can be readily cast at room temperature without undue exotherm development. Master Bond Polymer System EP37-3FLSP features outstanding electrical insulation properties, superior resistance to vibration, shock and thermal cycling. It bonds well to a variety of substrates including metals, glass, ceramics, most plastics and many elastomers.

EP37-3FLSP has a volume resistivity that exceeds 1014 ohm cm. The dielectric constant measures 4.6 and the dielectric strength exceeds 400 volts/mil (1/8" thick sample). Tensile strength is around 1000 psi and elongation is more than 30%. Shore D hardness measures 20. Water absorption is less than 1% after full immersion of 24 hours. Master Bond Polymer System EP37-3FLSP is an excellent choice for assuring the serviceability of large volume heat and shock sensitive electronic and/or electromechanical devices as well as optical assemblies and components.

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