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SECO/WARWICK Delivers its Largest-Ever Vacuum Carburizing Furnace for the Heat Treatment of Special Gears

SECO/WARWICK has manufactured a custom-built double-chamber vacuum carburizing furnace with an oil quenching system for a major supplier to the US military.

The furnace, the largest of its type ever to be produced by SECO/WARWICK, is dedicated to the heat treatment of special gears with a maximum gross weight of 5 tons. The load, suspended on a special fixture, is charged automatically to the furnace chamber, with working dimensions of 70 inches (1.8 m) x 70 inches (1.8 m) x 84 inches (2.15 m).

The furnace design enables a wide range of industrial heat treatment applications to be achieved with optimization of both the temperature uniformity and the rate of load cooling during quenching. The system features low pressure vacuum carburizing.

SECO/WARWICK's standard vacuum carburizing furnaces utilize special simulation software to enable the end user to create the optimum carburizing process for each given case and material. This software is installed on the industrial computer integrated in the furnace control system. By combining the simulation software with this computer control system furnace operation is fully automatic. The design of the furnace allows the load to be quenched in oil, in the quenching chamber, or in the forced circulation of neutral gas in the heating chamber. The gas cooling system can also be used for pre-cooling of the load for single-time quenching.

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