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Advanced Machining Strategies Added to FeatureMILL3D

Advanced Machining Strategies Added to FeatureMILL3D

Salt Lake City, UT - April 26, 2006 - Delcam USA, developer of the FeatureCAM suite of CAD/CAM software, announces the upcoming release of new advanced machining strategies to its FeatureMILL3D software. The new strategies will be released in June as part of FeatureCAM Version 2007 and will help customers achieve significant increases in calculation speeds for 3D toolpaths and improved surface finish.

The new FeatureMILL3D strategies help maximize tool life by keeping the load on the cutter as consistent as possible. The strategies also can help minimize sudden changes in the cutting direction that would put excessive load on the tool or require a slowing in the feed rate. Some of the strategies added include Arcing Moves, Delcam's patented Race Line Machining, a Finishing Combination, a new Spiral Toolpath and Rest Finishing.

Arcing Moves
With FeatureMILL3D's rough and finish machining strategies, arcing moves can be used when approaching and leaving the job. Similarly, arcs can be used to link the various cutting moves. This is more efficient than the traditional approach of using right-angle moves that can require the cutting speed to be reduced and also leave dwell marks.

In addition, arcs can be inserted automatically into roughing toolpaths as the tool approaches any steep face. Without the arc, there will be a sudden increase in the load on the tool as it engages the steep surface. To prevent damage to the tool, the feed rate must be reduced, thus increasing overall machining times. With the arcs added, the resulting smoother toolpath can be run at higher speeds and with less tool wear.

Race Line Machining
The new release of FeatureMILL3D offers Delcam's patented Race Line Machining strategy. With this option, roughing passes are progressively smoothed out as the toolpaths move further from the main form. The resulting paths minimize sudden changes in direction and allow faster machining, with less wear on the cutter and lower stress on the machine tool.

For even more efficient metal removal, Race Line Machining can be combined with trochoidal machining. This strategy avoids full-width cuts by generating toolpaths that progressively shave material from the block in a circular motion.

Finishing Combination
New finishing options include a combination strategy in which 3D offset finishing is used on flatter areas and Z-level finishing used on steeper areas. The 3D offset toolpaths can be calculated with the surface stepover varying so that a constant cusp height is applied over the part. This approach will reduce the amount of hand finishing needed.

Spiral Toolpath
A new spiral path milling strategy keeps the cutter in constant contact with the job, eliminating the number of air moves needed with the conventional approach of machining down the job level by level. The smoother toolpaths minimize any dwell marks and protect the cutter and machine tool.

Rest Finishing
New rest finishing options ensure the highest possible quality of surface finish. These include pencil machining, in which the material remaining is removed in a single pass, and Z-level rest finishing, the preferred option for material left on steep surfaces.

For more information, please contact:

Maryann Beaver
Marketing Coordinator
FeatureCAM - Delcam USA
+1 208 678 4534

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