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Medical Device Molded Rubber & Silicone Components & Bonded Rollers-

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Close tolerance, medical-application-specific molded rubber and silicone components and bonded rollers requiring special formulations and surface finishes are available from Hiawatha Rubber.

Included are custom rollers for CAT scanning systems, dry laser imagers, defibrillators and a range of medical systems requiring rubber rollers and assemblies with related components. Special surfaces that range from ultra smooth (polished) to extremely coarse (crepe) and custom formulated and designed materials solve unique applications.

To achieve the right custom roller design, Hiawatha Rubber engineers, chemists and technicians partner with a medical customer's design group to develop a solution that best meets the required design criteria. This includes selecting the right rubber compound, then developing the correct molding and bonding process, followed by accurate grinding of the roller to correct dimensional and surface finish for highest level performance. Hiawatha's in-house grinding department specializes in achieving custom finishes and special crowning for specific feeding characteristics and longer-wearing rollers.

Hiawatha Rubber offers material formulation chemistry, CAD design tooling, injection transfer molding, CNC grinding and CNC machining. Manufacturing these rollers can include services such as bearing assembly, plastic or metal gears, drilling and tapping components, precision journal grinding, plastic-to-rubber bonding, metal-to-rubber bonding and segmented roller assembly.

Hiawatha has built a proprietary library of tooling with approximately 60 different tool combinations used in the molding process, which will work for approximately 80% of rubber roller styles. This eliminates custom tooling, saving the customer substantial dollars. Additionally, using dedicated equipment and operators, Hiawatha provides a unique service called "Quick-Rolls" which is for prototype and short runs of molded rollers delivered in 1 to 2 weeks.

Within its roller expertise, Hiawatha Rubber provides an alternative to heavy solid core designs, particularly for diameters larger than 1.5 inches and for larger quantity requirements.

Hiawatha Rubber is ISO 9001:2000 certified. In-process quality controls include computerized data collection utilizing laser micrometers, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines), and statistical process control.

Call 763-566-0900 for more information.

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