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KiBS the NeXT Genration CRM



KiBS CRM Solution

The KiBS (Kyliptix Integrated Business Solution) CRM module delivers integrated sales, marketing, customer service, and support in one complete offering.

Designed to adapt to the unique customer acquisition, retention, and development processes within SMBs , this complete CRM application provides low cost of ownership and seamlessly integrates with popular accounting software and other external applications used in today's business environments.

KiBS is here to help solve various problems that are traditionally associated with a utility-style billing model. Continue reading below how KiBS can help your business today!

Designed to simplify collaboration, interoperability, and integration, KiBS CRM removes confining, costly aspects of traditional agreements with a utility-style billing model. Developed on the principle of software as a service or SaaS , KiBS CRM:

  • Enables companies to eliminate licensing arrangements with recurring fees and software management requirements.
  • Allows businesses to free up server storage space.
  • Reduces IT costs associated with the deployment of solutions, the acquisition of hardware, software implementation, and on-going maintenance.

In addition, our unique framework and delivery method ensures data integrity. This is accomplished by enabling employees in all areas of an organization to work with existing data rather than replicating or porting data to other locations. By eliminating compatibility issues and errors stemming from improper synchronization, KiBS CRM saves businesses time and money.

Our technology allows for seamless integration of our sophisticated CRM application with various external applications to help businesses improve productivity by enhancing communication flow while maintaining data integrity. The result: SMBs and SMEs are no longer forced to engage a system integrator to create problematic patch code to ensure interoperability and communication between the multiple software applications.

KiBS CRM is currently accepting applications from companies interested in participating in our Beta Program. For more information please call 949-468-5960.


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