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Protective, corrosion-free zone Products

Casey's new INTERCEPT® SPS packaging for creating a protective, corrosion-free zone around metal parts stored inside is now available in individual bags, flat stock and shrink film.

In all three forms, the INTERCEPT SPS packaging material has the unique ability to neutralize and remove corrosive elements in the air around the part stored inside without the use of chemicals, thereby protecting them from corrosion for long periods.

Originally developed and patented by Bell laboratories, INTERCEPT SPS is ideal for protecting large or small products that are shipped overseas, stored for long periods in warehouses, or stored outdoors.

Unlike conventional packaging, INTERCEPT SPS packaging provides active corrosion protection. The INTERCEPT SPS material consists of high-density polyethylene film infused with metallic copper particles and activated carbon. Though completely non-hazardous, these materials neutralize and absorb corrosive elements inside the package through sacrificial galvanic action. In addition, metallic copper is a natural biocide that quickly kills any acid-producing bacteria, mold or fungus that may be present inside the package or in fingerprints. By creating a benign, protective zone inside the package, the part inside is fully protected.

With a proven storage life of 20-plus years in normal warehouse conditions, INTERCEPT SPS provides a new and safe option for protecting high value parts. The INTERCEPT SPS material has no chemical content and is non-hazardous. It produces no fumes, no outgassing of volatile organic compounds, and poses no danger of worker sensitivity or allergic reactions.

Full Range Of Bag Sizes, Flat Stock And Shrink Wrap Options

Handle Small Components To Very Large Machinery

INTERCEPT SPS is available in several forms to handle most protection needs -- pre-sized bags, large gusseted tote-bin sized bags, shrink film, stretch film and flat stock. Small components, for example, can be individually protected by inserting them into INTERCEPT bags. The large, gusseted bags can be used as tote-bin liners to be filled with parts and zip-tied. The 48-inch flat INTERCEPT SPS material is used to wrap odd-shaped components or as lining material for wooden crating or overseas shipping containers. INTERCEPT SPS Stretch Film and Shrink Film are used to enclose pallet-sized loads, machines or larger items.

Want more information on the INTERCEPT SPS System?

Call our factory at 952-937-7931 to discuss your application. Test samples are available

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