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Automatic Microhardness System with Multi-Specimen Fixture

Newage Testing Instruments has introduced a new Multi-Specimen Microhardness Testing System, model CAMS-MSO. The system has a capacity for handling up to six mounted samples with a 1.25" diameter and up to 24 traverse sequences in a single test routine. A new sample fixture, motorized positioning tables, focusing capabilities and software were developed to provide the capabilities required by this application.

The six-piece fixture is designed with a quick release mounting system and provides self-leveling capability for the mounts. A large multi-specimen fixture places more demands on the x/y positioning tables so the Newage x/y tables are built specifically for this application. The MSO positioning tables have a heavy-weight load capability and optical encoders with 0.5 micron positioning resolution.

In addition to the fine positioning, the optical encoders enable a system that is not subject to error from frictional wear on the screws, a factor which is accentuated in heavier multi-sample systems. The precision of these positioning tables provide the capability of doing all the testing in a single technician setup with the highest level of positioning accuracy, both when the system is new and after a long period of heavy use - without the substantial maintenance that would be required from systems using the standard technology.

Another feature of the MSO system is the focusing capability. Systems making measurements over 6 samples need far more focusing range. The Newage
automatic multi-range focus capability enables testing over the entire fixture without any operator interaction.

The MSO components can also be used to retrofit systems manufactured by other companies.

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