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Release Agent Improves Rubber Bonding in Molded-Metal Inserts

Release Agent Improves
Rubber Bonding in Molded-Metal Inserts

When a molding process requires rubber adhesion to a metal insert, Huron Technologies' new "EZR324, semi permanent mold release agent" is the ideal product. The EZR324 release film assists to improve the rubber bonding to molded-in steel inserts, while providing semi-permanent molded release performance. The new agent increases film life and adds 15 to 25% to product productivity. This means many more releases before reapplication. The semi permanent, water based release agent also promotes bonding to molded rubber-metal inserts. The EZR324 is especially effective for EPDM and natural rubber. Free sample quantities available for validation and testing. The product is available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes.

For more information contact:
Huron Technologies, Inc.
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Leslie, MI 49251
Toll free: 800-275-4902, Phone: 517-589-0300, Fax: 517-589-0390

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