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New ProFab Demonstration and Training Guide is Now Available

New ProFab Demonstration and Training Guide is Now Available. For the widely accepted ProFab Sheet Metal CAM software.

Milford, OH, January 12, 2005 - Applied Production, Inc. has published a new ProFab Demonstration and Training Guide. This guide will help new users become productive quicker in the use of the ProFab software. A series of tutorials demonstrates many of the basic commands. The "How Do I" section shows users the simple steps required to accomplish many advanced techniques that are commonly used to create their parts. Time will not be wasted trying to find the right commands to perform these tasks.

"By increasing the user's knowledge upfront, overall productivity increases greatly. Whenever our support staff hears the same question from several users, a new tutorial is created to answer that question," said Joseph Bucalo, president of Applied Production, Inc. By shortening the learning curve, the ProFab Demonstration and Training Guide shows users how to get their job done faster using the ProFab software. "We feel that ProFab should be able to be integrated into a company without disrupting anything. The manufacturing of parts continues on an even keel," said Mr. Bucalo.

If you are just looking at the ProFab software, the ProFab Demonstration and Training Guide is a great way to become familiar with the features to see if it is right for you and your company. If you already use the ProFab software, this guide is a great way to further reduce your programming time.

About ProFab
ProFab is a powerful interactive graphics CAM system designed specifically for CNC punch presses & CNC laser machines. The user interface takes full advantage of Windows features, such as pull down menus, dockable tool bars, and right mouse button commands, which makes learning and using the program quick and easy. The immediate mode commands (hot keys) let you adjust and modify features of the system without terminating the command in progress. You may transfer CAD geometry directly from SolidWorks, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, CADKEY, or KeyCreator into the ProFab software using ProFab's direct CAD interfaces or you may create your parts right in the ProFab software. The powerful commands allow you to create complete accurate programs for your most complex parts in just minutes.

About Applied Production, Inc.
Celebrating our 20th year in business, Applied Production, Inc. continues to build its competitive edge by fulfilling its customers' requirements through the use of the most advanced equipment and technology. Its highly skilled staff will work with customers to provide a competitive solution to meet manufacturing needs while maintaining efficiency and quality. Applied Production, Inc. provides quality software solutions for sheet metal fabricators. By focusing on the specific needs of the sheet metal industry, the organization has built a reputation for excellence that now extends around the world. For more information, call (513) 831-8800.

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