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BookhamT Brings Expanded Portfolios To OFC/NFOEC 2006

Tunability and pluggability the key for Bookham

San Jose, CA - February 23, 2006 - Bookham, Inc. (NASDAQ: BKHM), a leading provider of optical components, modules and subsystems, is to unveil widely expanded product portfolios, focussing on components for reconfigurable networks, tunability and pluggability, at next month's OFC/NFOEC show in Anaheim, California.

Visitors to the Bookham stand (no. 3013) will be able to see the following products, many of which will be on display for the first time:
. Believed to be the world's first wideband tunable transmitter assembly module (TTA) - the TL7000 - aimed at long haul and regional metro applications. The transmitter includes a co-packaged Indium Phosphide (InP) integrated tunable laser with an InP Mach-Zehnder (MZ) modulator. This provides transmitter functionality with no added real-estate at a very effective price point. The modulator is a tunable version of the Bookham best-selling fixed-wavelength, co-packaged product, which has been widely-deployed throughout the world.
. The world's first small form factor (SFF) wideband tunable transponder - TL9000 - which also builds on the Bookham co-packaged InP tunable laser and modulator.
. The Intelligent Optical PlatformT - a reconfigurable subsystem platform designed to offer lower cost through vertical integration and to support line-card and subsystem level products. 4,000 units of this product have now been shipped.
. A family of 10Gb/s pluggable transceiver products. The portfolio includes 40km reach XFP IR transceivers and the first of a family of extended temperature solutions - the 10km reach XFP SR EXT - which delivers 85C operation in the 10Gb/s XFP MSA form factor and has already achieved controlled availability status.
. The introduction of an extended-reach 180km version of the SFP DWDM transceiver, which provides a DWDM upgrade for existing 2.5 Gb/s links.

"Bookham is focussed on innovation to provide enhanced value for our customers," said Giorgio Anania, President and Chief Executive Officer at Bookham. "The newest reconfigurable networks depend critically on wideband tunable lasers at effective price points. We believe our integrated solutions, which are made possible by our leading-edge optics chip technology and integrated packaging, will be very powerful in allowing the industry to deploy cost-effective reconfigurable networks on a wide scale. In a similar vein, our expanded transceiver portfolio provides performance-at-value by enabling pluggable solutions with extended temperature operation, extended reach, and DWDM."

The new Bookham tunable products are based on the company's fully Telcordia GR-468 qualified wideband tunable laser and industry leading InP MZ modulator. Unlike many other tunable lasers, the Bookham core tunable technology is built on a monolithic InP chip with no moving parts. This enables very fast tuning times and ensures excellent reliability, comparable to that offered by legacy DFB lasers. Bookham is using this laser as a building block on which to develop tunability and break into new markets.

The expanded Bookham transceiver portfolio addresses customers' most demanding applications - extended temperatures, DWDM and extended reaches - through the XFP long reach transceiver, which now adds 80km performance to the current portfolio of 10 Gigabit Ethernet parts.

Giorgio Anania will be expanding on the company's strategy at the Optical Society of America (OSA) Annual Forum, where he will be participating at the State of the Industry panel discussion taking place at the Anaheim Marriott between 1-3pm on Monday, March 6.

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