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Eblana Photonics releases LX4 Laser Diode product series

Dublin, February 7th 2006 - Eblana Photonics Ltd. (Dublin, Ireland) has announced the availability of a series of high-performance, single-wavelength Laser Diodes for IEEE 802.3ae-2002 10GBASE-LX4 applications. This product series builds on Eblana's existing isolator-free, single-wavelength Laser Diode products which are being deployed extensively by PON equipment manufacturers in preference to traditional DFB based transceivers whose manufacturing costs are prohibitive for mass market applications.

Utilizing Eblana・s renowned photon-bandgap technology platform, the :LDM; product series provides 10G Ethernet LX4 equipment manufacturers with a suite of single-wavelength lasers at a fraction of the price of a conventional DFB solution. In addition, the isolator-free capability of the product eases the implementation of space constrained package formats such as X2 and SFP while simultaneously reducing costs by shrinking the LX4 BOM and simplifying module manufacture.

Until now, the LX4 standard has had only limited deployment due to the module price which is largely attributable to the use of DFB (Distributed Feedback) lasers in the complex optical train. Eblana・s CEO James O・Gorman stated :Eblana・s LDM product series represents a further step in our continuing commitment to drive unnecessary and unproductive cost out of optical module manufacture which has been the most constraining factor to widespread deployment of LX4 networking technology. By applying our proven technology platform to LX4, Eblana is effectively enabling transceiver manufacturers in this market realize the true potential of their commitment to this technology.;

In addition to addressing the packaging problem for LX4 modules by eliminating the need for optical isolators, the 6 component consistency of Eblana・s DM devices drives down the manufacturing cost of modules by enabling the application of statistical process control by module manufacturers. Eblana・s LDM products are uniquely suitable for integration into PLC packaging not only since an isolator is not required but also due to their ability to offer the manufacturer high coupling efficiency and more accurate device registration which are two key properties that drive up yield levels.

The LDM product set meets all requirements of the LX4 protocol, as defined in the IEEE 802.3ae-2002 standard, and utilizes four single-wavelength lasers operating at precisely defined wavelengths centred at f = 1275, 1300, 1325 and 1350nm, each operating at a data rate of 3.125Gbps, to provide an aggregate performance of 10Gb/s across legacy Ethernet multimode cabling infrastructure. The LDM lasers have stable single wavelength temperature performance over a temperature range of 0 to 85XC and typically feature Side Mode Suppression Ratios (SMSR) better than 35dB. A datasheet for the product series is available at the company's website.

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