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Date: 02/06/2006, 01:30:32

Industries Save Money by Switching to “Direct to Metal” Coatings

With the rising cost of labor and raw materials, Direct to Metal coatings that actually work, just seem to make good sense. With rust inhibitors built into the finish coat, this product eliminates the need for primer, and a labor step.

In a corrosive environment, surfaces that are not properly protected can begin to rust almost immediately. With today’s high cost of equipment and manufacturing, it is necessary to realize the importance of a proper protective coating. One company with a good reputation for such coatings is Coastline Industrial Coatings.

A special anti-corrosive, Direct to Metal top-coat developed and manufactured by Coastline Industrial Coatings provides excellent weather and corrosive protection, bonding, hide and coverage, and can be applied directly to heavy equipment, railing, skids, pipes, cranes, tanks, oilfield machinery, trucks, tractors, ect. without the use of a primer. This product is called IF-173 DTM and is available in any color.

Coastline’s waterbase and solvent based coatings are manufactured with an acrylic base to ensure a high gloss, something other companies have had problems doing. After being used for 10 + years in industries such as chemical plants, compressors, hydraulics, steel fabricators, tank and equipment industries, and oil & gas fields, Coastline’s DTM exhibits superior protection with no chalking or fading. It is also formulated with UV absorbers which keep the white from yellowing.

About Coastline Industrial Coatings:
Coastline Industrial Coatings Inc. has been manufacturing and custom designing formulas for the industrial and petrochemical industries since 1972. With a full line of coatings which include sealers, direct to metal paints, elastomeric roof coatings, fleet finishes, high heats, waterborne coatings, urethanes, primers, and epoxies, all formulated with exempt solvents to meet the Environmental Protection Agencies V.O.C. requirements. This allows Coastline to meet all industry needs, including all MIL-P spec. paints and Federal Standard 595B colors.
Coastline Industrial Coatings, Inc. manufacturing complex is located on 12 acres of land with 50,000 sq. feet under roof containing eight high speed mixers, a complete tank farm and a on sight lab allows Coastline to manufacture and ship orders of all sizes in a quick and efficient manner.
Coastline places quality and service first in our efforts to deliver to the customers, the finest coatings money can buy.

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