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Japanese Swiss Screw Machining Company Boosts CNC Swiss Machining Capacity

Ceriotec Corporation has announced that it will invest another US$1 million in new CNC Swiss screw machines in 2006 to increase its Swiss screw machining capacity and productivity.

Suwa, Nagano, Japan 26/Jan/2006 - To expand its production capacity and machining productivity, Ceriotec Corporation has announced that it will invest another US$1 million in new CNC swiss screw machines in 2006. The company has invested a total of US$5 million in CNC Swiss screw machines over the 5 previous years.

"We have gradually replaced our cam operated Swiss type screw machines with the latest CNC Swiss style screw machines. Besides allowing us to eliminate the need for cams and their added costs, these latest CNC Swiss screw machines make us more competitive as they increase efficiency by about 30% and allow us to respond rapidly to short production runs and rush order jobs," says Hiroaki Oguchi, President of Ceriotec Corporation.

Established in 1951, Ceriotec Corporation has been using swiss screw machines or swiss automatics to supply Japanese watch-making, IT electronics, consumer electronics, telecommunications and automotive industries with miniature complex profile turned parts from diameter 0.1mm for over 50 years.

Swiss screw machining is used to make small, slender, complex and precision components. In the swiss screw machine, the bar stock material is gripped tightly and advanced by the sliding headstock through a guide bushing to the machining section. The machining section consists of stationary tools which are applied to the emerging bar stock. As only the part of the bar to be machined is exposed from the guide bushing, there is minimum deflection which allows the turning of small accurate precision parts. If the part is longer and needs more grip support at the front end, a sub spindle can be applied to grip it to reduce deflection during cutting. Accurate and close toleranced parts are possible with tight toleranced guide bushings and finely ground bar stocks.

Says Mr Oguchi, "Originally designed by the Swiss to make miniature watch parts, Swiss style screw machines have become the machining solutions for many turned parts manufactured from difficult to machine alloys and exotic metals. Swiss screw machines excel in manufacturing a complex profile part in one turning operation, thus eliminating secondary processes and costs. We look forward to business enquiries through Suwa Precision Engineering, our marketing office in Singapore."

About Suwa Precision Engineering Pte Ltd:
Located in Singapore, Suwa Precision Engineering Pte Ltd is the marketing office for a group of Japanese precision engineering parts manufacturers from Suwa in Nagano Prefecture, which is the home base of major corporations such as Seiko Epson and Nidec Sankyo. These manufacturers have more than 40 years each in manufacturing precision products and components such as stamping dies, precision metal stamping (deep draw and high speed), precision swiss turned components and miniature balls from diameter 0.1mm, precision gears and pcb in small footprint (1mm by 2.5mm).

More information on Ceriotec Corporation is located at Suwa Precision`s website.


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