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Romax Technology Ltd has announced the launch of its latest software package, RomaxDesigner R12.3, a package that promises to save even more time and money for transmission and driveline design and development teams around the world - allowing them to take their products to market faster.

This new software modelling tool allows engineering teams to design systems and test them before they even leave the computer screen, negating the need for expensive 'physical' testing and allowing multiple virtual product tests to be conducted accurately and effectively in record time.

The software package comes with a host of upgrades and new features designed to improve flexibility for teams. It increases design control by incorporating analysis into the first stages of the design process, while at the same time boasting greater connectivity with packages such as Abaqus and Ansys - helping information exchange and the flow of data.

Also, for the first time, the software package has been localised, offering English and Chinese language options and allows users to work within a variety of international gearings and bearings standards.

"By allowing virtual testing, our new software modelling tool is helping to speed up the evolution of transmission and driveline systems, as well as reducing costs and increasing companies' competitive advantage in the market place," explains Andy Poon, Romax Technology software manager.

"This upgrade has created an 'all-in-one' tool for engineering teams that will allow them to realise their designs with increased ease and flexibility and enable them to stretch the boundaries of their R&D budgets."

Romax Technology offers conceptually advanced software and expert consulting services for the global transmission industry. Its clients include the most prominent engineering companies in the automotive, aerospace, marine, industrial equipment, power generation and rail industries.

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