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Removable atmosphere muffle furnaces available from Lucifer Furnaces

A line of Removable Atmosphere Muffle (RAM) furnaces, providing exceptional versatility in heat treating and cooling under protective atmosphere, is available from Lucifer Furnaces, Inc., Warrington, PA.

By employing a unique cart-mounted portable retort, which can be easily rolled into and out of the furnace chamber, RAM furnaces offer production and energy efficiencies as well as versatility.

By using a spare retort/assembly cart, a customer may heat treat one workload while an earlier workload is cooling outside the furnace. By this method, the muffles permit almost continuous heat treating and greater production.

Other energy-saving features include:
- A gasketed plug door to provide a gas tight seal;
- "Quick disconnect" flexible atmosphere lines to speed removal of the retort from the chamber;
- A double pivot holding door which seals the furnace chamber when the muffle is removed. (In addition to maintaining the temperature of the furnace chamber after the retort is removed, the holding door also permits heat treating in the chamber, without the retort, in an air atmosphere).

Designed for operation up to 2150 F., RAM furnaces are manufactured in eight chamber sizes ranging from 5" x 5" x 12" to10" x 10" x 36".

Options available include thermocouple and pyrometer for the muffle to permit continuous monitoring of the workload temperature even after the muffle has been removed.

All models are also available in dual chamber configurations. Units may be adapted for use with flammable/combustible atmospheres -- with the addition of required safety equipment.

All furnaces are standard with digital temperature controls and are completely pre-wired, tested and shipped ready for connection to user's power and atmosphere supply.

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