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PIKA Technologies Inc. Announces Support for the Envox 6 Communications Development Platform

Developers can now integrate PIKA's media processing building blocks with the voice solutions they create using Envox 6

Ottawa, Canada -January 4, 2006- PIKA Technologies Inc. today announced that they have integrated PIKA's MonteCarlo Software Development Kit with Envox 6, Envox Worldwide's open, standards-based communications development platform. The integration layer, known as PIKA Connect for Envox, expands the available hardware options for the Envox developer community, providing them with access to PIKA Technologies' reliable analog and digital voice cards that connect computer systems to TDM networks. With Envox 6, PIKA's customers are now empowered to create a wide range of voice solutions that combine sophisticated call control functions with built-in speech, email, fax, data communications and Web capabilities.

"Developers requiring quick time-to-market and ease of integration with industry standard technologies should consider adopting Envox 6 as their development platform," said Terry Atwood, vice president of sales, marketing and customer care at PIKA Technologies. "Now, with the introduction of PIKA Connect for Envox, the combination of the Envox platform and PIKA's hardware and software media processing building blocks opens up even more business opportunities for them. The PIKA/Envox combination will put developers on a fast track in creating cost-effective IVR solutions that ensure a quick return on investment."

Envox 6 is an open, standards-based communications development platform with integrated application development and management components that reduce the time, cost and complexity of creating voice solutions. Envox 6 allows customers to continue to leverage their investments in legacy hardware, software and solution development, while providing a smooth migration path to new standards and emerging technology, including speech, VoiceXML, VoIP and Web services.

"Envox Worldwide is pleased that PIKA Technologies has chosen to support Envox 6," said Mark D. Flanagan, president and CEO of Envox Worldwide. "PIKA's integration provides Envox 6 developers with additional hardware and software options, significantly expanding the range of solutions that can be created using our platform."

PIKA's boards are available in a variety of configurations to suit different applications. The PIKA Digital T1/E1 PCI and cPCI (PrimeNet MM) boards combine highly flexible T1/E1 digital network interfaces with integrated DSP resources. Digital board densities are available in single, dual, quad and octal span T1 and E1 connectivity. PIKA analog boards, including the low-density InLine MMand high-density Daytona MM families, are a cost effective solution that support applications ranging from basic voice to enhanced speech, as well as fax and conferencing.

"The new software layer that we have built connects Envox 6 with MonteCarlo, PIKA's award-winning SDK," stated Doug Petty, vice president of technology and operations at PIKA. "This will allow Envox developers to move seamlessly between the products offered by other vendors and PIKA's offerings, enabling them to select from a broader range of options to meet their needs.

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