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Easily Create Process Calculations against multiple OPC Data Sources

Easily Create Process Calculations against multiple OPC Data Sources
Exele Releases OPCcalc 3.0 - Calculation Engine for OPC

OPCcalc allows you to easily create complex calculations which use OPC tags as inputs to equations and outputs of results. Based on Microsoft Visual Basic.Net, OPCcalc handles all of the "plumbing" for your equations, letting you concentrate on your calculation logic.

Programmers and non-programmers can easily use our Equation Editor to define the logic and arithmetic needed for their equations. OPCcalc will then create a compiled Microsoft Visual Basic .Net program which contains the necessary OPC calls, scheduling, and error handling required to execute your equations on a configured interval, outputting the results to other OPC tags. Each equation library contains one or more equations (outputs) and can communicate with tags on multiple OPC Servers. Our Equation Scheduler allows you to configure, start, stop and monitor your equations.

OPCcalc requires OPC Servers which support Data Access (DA) 2.0 or later and optionally Historical Data Access (HDA) 1.1.

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