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Japanese Metal Stamping Company Shortens Die Design By Using Latest Japanese CAE Software

Nagano Sankoh has licensed CAE metal forming software developed at Japan's RIKEN to enhance its die design capabilities.

Suwa, Nagano, Japan 20/12/2005 - To enhance its competitive edge in the metal stamping industry, Nagano Sankoh has licensed "ASU/P-form", the latest 3D CAD and CAE press forming simulation software from Advanced Simulation Technology of Mechanics Co Ltd.

The software which was developed at RIKEN, known internationally as the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, will allow Nagano Sankoh to predict metal forming phenomena with a high degree of accuracy and reduce repetitive tooling changes specific to complex draw forming stamping.

"This software is able to analyse breakage, wrinkle and spring back in sheet metal forming very accurately and allows analysis of multiple processes, easy pre-processing without setting of parameter for analysis, and deals with various materials. The software will allow us to offer faster and more accurate die design solutions," says Soichi Tamura, President of Nagano Sankoh.

About Nagano Sankoh:
Established in 1967, Nagano Sankoh specializes in deep drawn metal components fabricated in single stage progressive and multiple station transfer presses.

About RIKEN:
Established in 1917, it was reorganized as an independent administrative institution under the Japan Ministry of Education in 2003. RIKEN performs high level basic research and practical applications studies in the sciences and engineering.

More information on Nagano Sankoh
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