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Japanese Metal Stamper Stays Competitive By Embracing Servo Press Technologies

Nagano Sankoh Co., Ltd., has acquired 4 latest Servo Stamping Presses to achieve greater stamping efficiency for deep drawn components with high accuracy and complicated profiles.

Suwa, Nagano, Japan - In the face of increasing global competition in the metal stamping industry, Nagano Sankoh Co., Ltd., has invested US$1.5 million in 4 latest Servo Stamping Presses to offer greater stamping efficiency of precision stamped components for the electronics and automotive industries.

"As competition in the stamping industry gets more intense with the growth of China metal stampers,???Japanese metal stampers have to embrace new technologies and use them to improve the quality of the parts being stamped, the productivity of their manufacturing equipment, the life of the dies and the flexibility of the manufacturing cells," said Soichi Tamura, President of Nagano Sankoh.

With the servo press, Nagano Sankoh can virtually key in the stroke, velocity and dwell profile for any job - all on a single press. Three of the servo presses are AIDA NC1-1100 (D) servo presses which offer AIDA's proprietary high torque, low RPM servo motor with direct drive. These servo presses provide the same maximum stroke length and torque rating as a conventional mechanical press while allowing full torque from low speed for greater part accuracy and longer die life. The servo press does not increase operating costs because its capacitors store energy in the non-working portion of the stroke, making power consumption comparable to or less than that of a standard mechanical press.

Says Tamura, "These servo presses are nearly double the price of same tonnage mechanical presses, but we can achieve double the efficiency in our stamping processes, and provide better quality parts not possible with conventional presses."

About Nagano Sankoh:

Established in 1967, Nagano Sankoh is an established metal stamper of stepper motor housing, connector shell and air-conditioner components, supplying to the leading Japanese electronics manufacturers. The company has advanced its technical capability from stamping aluminum components and micro motor cases, to stamping stepper motor housing with diameter 4.7 mm.

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