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Midwest Industrial Supply, a leading producer of environmentally safe dust and soil erosion control products, recently announced the expansion of its DUSTBUSTER® division service and design, and sales team.

The departmental growth is due to an increase in evolving awareness of health and environmental needs for quarries, mines, utilities, auto shredders and other industrial facilities. Demands also have increased because of local, state and federal air quality requirements requiring owners and operators to take preventative action against dust emissions in quarrying, mining, material processing and inventory of mineral products.

The service and design team has grown to seven people, while the sales department has grown to five, with each person specializing in a different area of dust suppression applications.

"This is an exciting time at Midwest Industrial Supply with the growth and development of our DUSTBUSTER product line," said Shannon Noble. Noble is the product line manager and a sales specialist, specializing in the auto shredding and tunnel boring industries. "We look forward to the continuation of our department's growth."

DUSTBUSTER is a foam that blankets, captures and agglomerates airborne dust particles from sources such as stone, coal, cement processing and other material handling operations. In addition, DUSTBUSTER systems also help control dust from drilling, crushing and shredding operations.

Midwest Industrial Supply offers a full line of DUSTBUSTER application systems, equipment and products to help meet users' specific dust control needs.

This unique foam greatly reduces total water requirements, while keeping areas cleaner, compared to traditional dust control methods, which require users to douse dust emissions with excessive amounts of water. The traditional method can affect machinery performance and has marginal effectiveness, while creating muddy areas to the surrounding areas.

For over 30 years, Midwest Industrial Supply Inc. has improved customers' operational efficiency and operation costs while achieving environmental integrity and compliance in a variety of industries. With innovative, industry-leading products and application services, Midwest Industrial Supply develops high-quality products for dust control, road stabilization, erosion control, soil stabilization and anti-icing/de-icing.

For more information on DUSTBUSTER or other products from Midwest Industrial Supply Inc., please contact:

Midwest Industrial Supply
P.O. Box 8431
Canton, OH 44711
Toll free: 800-321-0699

Send inquiries to:
Bob Vitale or Shannon Noble,
Midwest Industrial Supply
P.O. Box 8431, Canton, OH 44711.

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