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IMS Global Comforum Presents Latest IMS Developments At IEC's 21st Century Communications World Forum 2006

CHICAGO - December 6, 2005 - The International Engineering Consortium (IEC)'s 21st Century Communications World Forum conference and exhibition will host a co-located, cutting-edge IMS Global ComForum revealing the latest IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) research and developments by leading industry information experts, 27-30 March 2006 in London, with BT as the official host sponsor.

As service providers compete in an increasingly competitive environment forcing them to migrate from a voice world to a multimedia-applications space including voice, video, data, and wireless (quadruple play), the first-ever IMS Global ComForum will give service providers the latest understanding of IMS in the industry and discuss what it can and cannot achieve.

Chairperson of an IMS session, Dr. Rati Thanawala, Vice President for Network Planning, Performance, and Economic Analysis at Lucent Technologies Bell Labs commented, "Industry professionals are on a high learning growth curve regarding IMS and the next generation converged network, so a global forum such as this, where true learning can occur through the exploration of diverse perspectives and opposing viewpoints, is crucial for the industry to more forward."

Bringing together content originators and distributors, wireless and wireline service providers, and technology developers and suppliers, the comprehensive forum will discuss research and development, applications, and implementation of IMS.

Mr. Eric Burger, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Next-Generation Communications, Brooktrout Technology and chairman of an IMS session commented, "The 'Blending Multimedia Content: What the IMS Can and Does Achieve' session will deliver tangible benefits to conference delegates as they will be offered a review of current activities regarding IMS and deployment activity that substantiates some of the claims made on behalf of this technology. Audience members will learn through examples about some of the more promising opportunities delivered by the IMS framework."

Mr. Lars Godell, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research and moderator for an IMS Hot Seat Session also added, "In the 'Promise of IMS: Myth versus Reality' session, I will help separate between hype and reality on two hot industry topics: IMS and deep fiber."

Communications and information professionals can expect a series of additional keynotes, hot seats, plenary panels, and breakout sessions such as:

(1) The Right Timing of Implementing IMS in a Fixed, Mobile Environment
(2) IMS: The Importance of a Standard Architecture
(3) IMS: Implementation in a FMC Environment
(4) Secure UMA: The Fast Track to IMS

As part of the technology exhibition, the IMS Global ComForum features infrastructure equipment vendors, system integrators and regulators who will shed light on the key factors that determine the financial success of IMS architecture in order to deliver IP applications in a converged fixed mobile network.

For more information, pleasecontact Lisa Reyes at +1-312-559-3325 or lreyes??? or Brian Dolby at GBCS PR on +44 (0)115 948 6901 or brian???

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