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Companies Partner to Help Manufacturing Customers Manage Design Data

Westminster, CO- TransMagic, Inc., a leading developer of 3D CAD translation software, announced today that it will partner with Autodesk, a leading software and services company, to provide shared customers with the ability to publish 3D-translated CAD drawings into DWF format through the Autodesk DWF Partner Program. DWF is the ideal industry format to share complex design information throughout the project lifecycle because file sizes are often one tenth the size of other file formats yet still maintain the integrity of the CAD model.

Manufacturing and design experts in the automotive, aerospace, tool and mold making industries collaborate with vendors, contractors, and other partners using a variety of design software. Exchanging designs between teams is difficult, often requiring rework to translate models between systems. TransMagic helps solve this challenge by providing the ability to publish CAD models in the DWF format for use in many applications. The technology is largely applicable for designers coordinating multiple-part designs throughout complex supply chains. With TransMagic a car designer can view the CAD drawings from the wheel manufacturer and translate the files into one CAD file,making it easier to complete the product design and shortening the time-to-market.

DWF offers TransMagic customers the ability to produce translated 3D designs in a format that is small, fast and secure. Designers can collaborate on designs easily and effectively when using DWF, eliminating paper trails and cutting printing costs. By using the free Autodesk DWF Viewer in conjunction with TransMagic products, customers can save money as they merge and share design information.

"Partnering with Autodesk adds to the matrix of options we can offer our customers," said Todd Reade, president and founder of TransMagic. "Our goal is to become the standard for interoperability products that manage the majority of customer CAD translation needs. By partnering with Autodesk to offer DWF we are closer to achieving that goal in the marketplace. Further, we believe this partnership is something that will benefit many of our customers as DWF becomes a de facto visualization format standard."

In addition to converting CAD files into DWF, users will be able to translate hundreds of component parts at one time. By putting part libraries into DWF and converting them in a batch from various CAD formats, designers can increase efficiencies by sharing data across the project team in one file format. The increased functionality offered through the TransMagic/DWF partnership can save designers a tremendous amount of time, decreasing the design's time-to-market.

"3D CAD translation is an essential tool for many important industries. Combining TransMagic's solutions with DWF produces an extremely useful tool that makes a simple translation system even easier for engineers to use," said Jonathon Knowles, director of worldwide market development with Autodesk. "Autodesk believes in this partnership because it helps streamline the design process."

About DWF:
DWF is the foundation for digital design workflows. It enables designers to share accurate, data-rich design information with project teams at any point in the project lifecycle - at a fraction of the original size. By using DWF, organizations are able to efficiently and securely share 2D and 3D designs while minimizing errors, costs and information loss through the process.

About TransMagic, Inc.
TransMagic, Inc. is a leading developer of affordable multi-format 3D CAD translation products that address the CAD interoperability gap. TransMagic products deliver increased profitability by lowering data exchange costs, improving communication of 3D data across the enterprise and shortening design and manufacturing cycles.

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