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PIKA Technologies' High-Density Fax Technology Cuts Operating Costs for Application Service Providers

Protus IP Solutions Standardizes on PIKA Platform to Realize Savings

Ottawa , Canada - November 29, 2005 - PIKA Technologies Inc. today announced improvements to their high-density fax capabilities available through PIKA's range of media processing building blocks. These improvements lead to a substantial reduction in the overhead associated with running high volume fax and voice messaging services.

"While fax technology in itself is nothing new, PIKA's ability to drastically increase the efficient delivery of this service along with voice is something unique in the industry," stated Terry Atwood, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Customer Care at PIKA. "In fact, compared to the leading competitor, when you consider the requirements for equipment, facilities and management, the PIKA platform may reduce total operating costs by half."

"This cost reduction is possible because of the high-density architecture of PIKA's fax solution [PrimeNet MM]. Each PrimeNet MM board can handle up to 96 fax transmit channels per slot in a T1 configuration and allows dynamic switching between voice and fax messaging," said Doug Petty, PIKA's Vice President of Technology.

Technology in Action: Powering Protus' Internet Fax and Voice Messaging
Protus IP Solutions, a high-growth application service provider offering voice, email and fax messaging solutions, has implemented PIKA in their internet fax and voice platform. "To meet our customers' requirements, our system must be capable of efficiently handling over three million pages of fax and a million voice transmissions per day," stated Simon Nehme, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Protus.

There were multiple reasons why Protus made the transition to PIKA from their former board supplier. The improved efficiency offered by PIKA meant that instead of requiring seven servers to equip one DS-3 physical interface--as was the case in their previous implementation--Protus needed less than two servers for each DS-3 to maintain the same level of service. Secondly, the new PIKA platform integrates voice and fax, translating to improved resource management. "Working with the same system, we can easily switch our services, from sending fax by email messages to sending voice messages," explained Nehme.

The deciding factor for Protus was support. "We were immediately impressed with how fast, flexible and cooperative the PIKA technical support team was to deal with," said Nehme. "We knew that this [high density] fax technology was relatively new, so we needed a partner who would be there to back up their solution every step of the way..Instead of waiting for days, as we did with our previous vendor, we could rely on PIKA to get back to us within hours. And better yet, the support was free of charge."

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