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Roamware Leads The Way To Prepaid Roaming Revenue Growth

Opens Operator Access To 480 Million New Roamers

San Jose, Calif. (November 29, 2005) - Global mobile roaming expert Roamware today launches a network solution that will give operators the potential to provide the missing link in the roaming world. Roamware's Prepaid Local Number (PLN) service can give every operator the capability to provide enhanced roaming and home network services to pay-as-you-go, or prepaid, visitors.

Although the ability to roam is the greatest advantage of GSM, today 40 per cent of the global prepaid base cannot roam - some 480 million customers. Additionally, 25 per cent (300 million customers) only have limited service. And while prepaid users represent 76 per cent of the total global GSM customer base, only 30 per cent of the existing global roaming customer base is prepaid. There is huge potential to encourage roaming for the prepaid market, and it is from this market that future growth in roaming revenue will be generated.

Roamware's Prepaid Local Number application is a single carrier solution that can close this gap in the roaming market. PLN enables visiting prepaid roamers to sign up to the visited network via their mobile device and be allocated one or more local prepaid numbers. The visiting roamer can then use both their home and visited network profiles in parallel. Additionally, when the roamer is using the Prepaid Local Number(s), incoming calls are free, providing an attractive tariffing opportunity.

Prepaid roaming lacks the seamless service of postpaid as only around 30% of operators worldwide are compliant to CAMEL - required to provide intelligent roaming services and real-time billing for prepaid customers. Roamware's PLN provides an alternative solution and prevents operators losing potential roaming revenue.

Operators utilising the Roamware solution retain the revenue from both international roaming subscription calls and the local subscription services (including voice, SMS and GPRS) they provide to the visiting roamers, thus building a significant and sustained incremental revenue stream.

Mohan Gyani, Roamware CEO, said: "With this unique service we have addressed a key gap in the roaming environment. Mobile users are becoming far more value sensitive, and look for services that provide increased convenience in addition to value based tariffing.

"Operators who do not invest in creating an environment for roamers that provides enhanced services as well as the ability for the roamer to access 'home' network services could jeopardize their roaming revenue."

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