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Innovative Membrane Switch Conductive Pad

MetroMark introduces conductive pad interconnects within lamp

(Minnetonka, Minnesota) MetroMark, an electronic print technology and Membrane Switch leader and supplier to nearly 500 OEM and consumer applications manufacturers worldwide, has unveiled its patented process for incorporating pad interconnects within an electroluminescent (EL) lamp structure.

This exclusive technology allows design engineers to create a contact-to-contact pressure connection in thinner, smaller electronic hand-held devices," says Karl Oelker, MetroMark's Vice President of Sales. "We have successfully demonstrated increased functionality within less design real-estate resulting in lower overall costs."

In addition to eliminating connector costs and assembly costs for soldering and board connection," Oelker continues, "quality is improved because you avoid the problems created by trying to interface a metal connector with a polymer substrate, two dissimilar materials.

Known for its EL lighting technology, MetroMark also specializes in designing and manufacturing membrane switches, conductive printing and graphic overlays. In addition, quick-turn, medium- and high-volume production capabilities are offered.

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