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TopView for OPC Alarm and Notification Software

With the release of version 5.5, users of Exele's TopView for OPC alarm and notification software can monitor and acknowledge user-configured alarms from anywhere on their network.

This powerful and flexible alarming and notification tool can monitor thousands of points (tags) from one or more OPC data sources. Through multiple notification options, it allows quick response to any abnormal condition. And since TopView communicates with any OPC-DA data source, it can monitor points from virtually any control system, PLC or data historian.

Using the new Remote Viewer, users can remotely monitor and acknowledge alarms as well as browse the alarm history logs from anywhere on the network.

Each TopView Window can display and monitor up to 2500 points for abnormal value, timestamp and status conditions and can recognize complex alarm conditions involving multiple tags and conditions. The user can configure alarm delays and resending of persistent alarms. When running as a Windows Service, TopView allows users to log-off a machine without interruption of monitoring and notification.

TopView can deliver alarm messages via e-mail, alphanumeric pagers and cellular phones. Voice annunciation and text-to-speech technology allow it to deliver audible alarm messages over computer speakers or over the phone for remote acknowledgement. Alarm conditions can even launch other applications to enable more rapid response to abnormal events.

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